21 aprile 2008


6 v. 7 — Beginning the practice
Two sets of training vests should be on hand and the balls placed in the goal. Field size should be 75 x 80 yards. One regular goal is placed on one end line and two target goals established at either side of the 80-yard line. Six attacking players work against seven players plus a keeper coming out of the back. Play starts with one of the attacking players taking a shot on goal. The keeper collects it or a ball from the goal and distributes to a wide back. As soon as this occurs, all six defenders get behind the ball. As the ball is on the way from the keeper, the outside midfielder (No. 11) on that side of the field moves forward to defend. If the attacker is not clean in controlling the ball or looks to play the ball back to his support, then the nearest striker (No. 9) looks to double team or press. If the player in possession cannot be highly pressured, the striker will take a position to cut out the back pass (Diagram I). If high pressure is "on," the second striker (No. 10) cuts out the possibility of a pass to the keeper or, if not, moves more centrally to zone the opponent’s central midfielder. The No. 6 player will push up if pressure is on or drop back to mark space otherwise. Likewise, No. 8 pushes up to compress play on the weak side while No. 7 looks to take a position that allows interception of a long diagonal pass.

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